Solara Rental Management Program: Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Condominium/Property Manager and what is the difference between them and the Rental Manager?

PEKA Professional Property Management has been appointed as Condominium Managers. PEKA will manage all building issues with exception of the Rental Pool Operation. PEKA can be reached at (403) 678-6162.

Who is on the Board of Directors?

The Board of Directors for the Solara Condominium Association are elected by all owners at the AGM. The Board of Directors are elected by the Owner at the AGM and represent all owners regarding common area issues, condominium management and rental management relations with Bellstar Hotels & Resorts.

Who is the Rental Manager?

Bellstar Hotels & Resorts is Western Canada’s leading rental manager and has been appointed as Rental Pool Manager. For information on Bellstar Hotels & Resorts, visit the web site  Bellstar reports to the Condo Corporation and individual Rental Pool Owners on a regular basis. Bellstar’s mandate is to successfully market independent resorts to drive revenue to Owners while at the same time efficiently managing their assets. Their successful Rental Pool program offers Owners an industry leading revenue sharing model that also assures Owners of a worry-free and flexible vacation rental investment.

How do I join the Rental Pool program?

Bellstar Hotels & Resorts can provide you with a rental management agreement. Please note in the event of a unit sale within the Solara rental management program the existing agreement terms and conditions are fully transferred. Refer to the rental management agreement for any specific details.

When in the Rental Pool. How do I reserve my unit for my own usage?

You will be required to email Solara’s Front Desk 180 days prior to arrival and advise the dates you wish to stay in your unit(s). For short term notice the Rental Manager will attempt to accommodate booking requests based on availability but at the discretion of the Hotel Manager. Each day your unit is withdrawn from the Rental Pool

for personal usage, you will not participate in the Rental Pool Revenues. The Front Desk email for reservations is

Do I have to clean my unit after my stay?

If you are a Rental Pool participant, the Rental Manager will clean your unit after your stay. Reception will require your credit card number on file so that the applicable cleaning fee can be charged. If not a rental pool participant, fee-based cleaning services are also available.

There seems to be some overlap of responsibilities between the Condominium Manager and the Rental Pool Manager. Is this the most cost effective way to manage the building?

The Rental Pool Manager has on-site management, housekeeping, front desk, and maintenance staff already within the building, the Condo Corp will often contract the Rental Manager to provide a number of services in an effort to create cost efficiencies for all condominium owners.

Do I have to call for cable TV service?

The Condo Board has negotiated a cable package at a bulk rate. This fee is included in your Condo fees. Those owners who are not rental pool participants have the option of ordering additional levels of service directly with Shaw.

Do I have to order telephone service?

All units have been provided a phone as part of the in-house switchboard system. Any associated fees are included within owner Condo fees. Owners will have access to free local calls. Those owners who are not participants in the Rental Pool can discuss with Peka additional services.

What about utilities?

Utilities are included in your condominium fees.

What do I do with garbage?

There is a garbage room located in the parkade. Non Rental Pool participants will be required to take their garbage to the dumpster located in the garbage room. Housekeeping staff will remove garbage daily for Rental Pool participants.

What is the pets and smoking policy?

The building has been initially designated non-smoking. Owners within the Rental Pool may choose to have their unit designated pet friendly by the Rental Manager. The Rental Manager has listed a comprehensive policy on pets for rooms that are designated Pet Friendly. For more information please go to

Do I need contents insurance?

The Condo Corporation through PEKA Property Management provides property insurance for the building as well as Commercial and Tenant General Liability. Owners are responsible for having insurance to cover their own property, such as anything stored in lockers.

How do the electronic Ving locks work?

Each individual lock can be programmed for different levels of security. Housekeeping and Maintenance staff will not be able to access units that will not be participating in the Rental Pool without Owner authorization. Rental Pool participants will be required to check-in when staying in their unit. Cards will be issued for the duration of the stay. These cards will also access the parkade and secondary exterior entrances. Owners not participating in the Rental Pool will be required to update their cards every 28 days on check in. For security reasons, cards will be only issued to the owner of the unit.

Do I have a designated spot or locker in the Parkade?

Please contact the rental manager regarding lockers, and the site manager regarding parking.

What about mail?

All mail for guests and owners will be delivered to the front desk and held for pick up. The mailing address is:



How do I access the Rental Pool Owners Website?

Once a rental management agreement is executed, passwords for the Owner online portal and individual Owner financials will be provided by the Owner Relations Manager.

Who provides security?

The Condo Corporation provides security services that include locking the pool area after hours and building walk arounds. If you are disturbed by excessive noise from other guests or owners, please contact the front desk staff. The front desk staff will communicate any guest disturbances and provide appropriate warnings before escalating the issue with the local RCMP detachment.

What is the Interval International Exchange Program?

Owners within the Bellstar Rental Pool program may purchase membership within Membership allows Owners to exchange dates within their own unit at premium resorts all across the world.  No rental revenue is generated in the event of any Interval usage and your unit will be removed from the rental pool for the exchange dates.

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